Tiny Homes, Big Style

Once upon a time, owning a multi-bed and bath house with extra square footage for lots of stuff meant you had it all. Literally. But a big house doesn’t always mean big style. Minimizing has become a hot trend, led by the tiny house movement. From boxes on wheels to former boiler rooms, these tiny homes…


2017 Trends Report

It’s that time of year again… we know it oh so well in the design community. It’s TREND TIME. As 2016 wraps up, everyone is looking to the new year and trying to predict just what’s gonna be the hot ticket furnishing, color, finish, you name it. Since we at Homepolish HQ have the luxury…



YES it’s that time of year again! CHRISTMAS! Oh wow, the joy of freshly wrapped presents, pine tree scented candles, cinnamon smell and hours of watching Christmassy movie under the sheets, this all makes up for having no snow at all this year in Paris. Whilst some are comfortably starting to plan their Christmas Eve…


Peace, Love and Winter Whites

Now that we’re squarely in December with shorter days, cold tempatures, gray skies and snow upon us, we thought it was the perfect time of year to pay homage to the color white. Sophisticated, modern and clean. White rooms are popular no matter where you live.  As you peruse Pinterest, Instagram or popular lifestyle bloggers you…